Wednesday, February 13, 2008

AVL workshop with Alice Schlein

Hey, Kids!

I am out here in sunny, but chilly, California at the AVL workshop with Alice Schlein and about to get my hands on the new "Jacq3G" Jacquard loom! It is SO coo! It actually fits in a room without having to take the ceiling out and you don't have to mortgage the farm to get one! Still kind of pricey for my blood, but you never know!

The workshop is great and Alice is a super teacher or her ideas and techniques. I will have pix etc posted on the blog when I get back.

SHe's going to do a seminar on this at Convergence, so, if you are going to that, don't miss it!!!! (I am spending my "Convergence money" on this workshop)

Anyway, we spent yesterday learning how to convert Photoshop files to weaving files and that is worth the entire trip. I have been quietly working on "translating" some of this to my dobby programme. It's a different ballgame, since you aren't doing pictures, but I'm working on it!!!! (-; Anyway, next time I get some time on a Jacquard, I will be ready to boogie!

Northern California, which is where Chico is located, is so much like our part of the world, it boggles the mind: graceful architecture, magnolias, Live Oaks, camellias, nice people, GUYS WHO OPEN DOORS FOR YOU!!!..all they need is some moss!!! hmmm, maybe I'll bring some out next time I come this way and hang it in the Live Oaks!


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