Friday, February 27, 2009

Just when you think it's safe.....

One - hopefully-last, more kink. The auto-advance not creating the picks per inch I want....couldn't get it to do less than 8. Not good. I moved the bolt on the back AA shaft down to middle, after looking at some pictures in the manual, and tightened the cables and all seems well.
Then the block holding the tension-arm weight in place cracked. AVL is sending a replacement asap and I am holding it together with a C-clamp in the meantime. Minor problem, at worst. Lucinda mentioned that, at the time they did my loom, they were having some "quality control issues." Well, every company does at some point and their stuff is so great, overall, it's hard to quibble.
Can't wait to get the new workshop dobby. Wish it would be in time for the Texas trip, but, since they build the compu-dobby per order, this is just the way things go. Nice to know mine is hand-built for me!!!!

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