Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Big Rock-candy Mountain and little butterflies

the "butterfly" and he's going to live in the "butterfly capital!"

The "Big Rock-candy Mountain" is AKA "Pearl Paint."
If you ever lived in NYC, and were an artist or art student, Pearl Paint was THE "candy store." Five floors of every art supply item you could imagine, and some you hadn't, plus studio furniture and some little fun things! I used to spend all my Xmas and birthday loot there.
Well, they have branched out and there is one in Atlanta, so, since it was cloudy and chilly, making it ok to leave dogs in the car, "Mom" took the plastic and hit Pearl Paint! I wisely made a LIST so that my impulse buys were "contained" and I just got some small items that looked like fun, like "artists' trading cards." The idea is that you create something small and trade with others. Well, to heck with that...I will make something
small and sell it! (Not the dog, of course!)
Also picked up some blank cards so I have a reference for ordering of the 'net in future, but the BIG DEAL was great blocs of grid paper for graphing out weaving designs. Lovely stuff.
Today is heading for home. Yesterday's storms would have been on top of us all the way to Birmingham so we stayed put. Also needed to finalize Cedric's adoption.
Oh, of course, the real aim of this trip was to meet an adorable Papillon who was at one of the rescue organizations' foster homes. We hit it off right away and Daisy seems ok with the new family-member so, stay tuned for more on this.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

they're done...sort of

Finally got the bookmarks off the loom! Now I need to put gel on the fringe ends and cut them apart. The threads are very fine and I just don't want to fuss with tying them off.
Maybe next time.

And one for the Bishop!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Drafting and Lillian Whipple

One of the reasons I went to such lengths to go out to Texas was Lillian Whipple's workshop. I have Asperger's Syndrome ("disorder" or whatever) and my little "Aspie" brain needs to either get my hands into something or SEE it done and/or have somebody hang over my shoulder for a bit saying "Yes" or "No."
I told Lillian that, rather than weave samples, since I have done most of her published sample-drafts already, I'd like to concentrate on drafting. Since coming back, I have to fight the impulse to just sit around and draft all these lovely motifs I have floating around my head!
I've been scanning charted designs from needlework books and Nancy Spies' "Here Be" series. This saves me the "busy-work" of copying them on to a grid myself. Then I can write in the shafts on the printed copy and draft away!
Taquete, when you get into more than two colours, makes me think of a little loom-controlled tapestry technique.
Lillian is just one of the most gracious and generous of weavers, and the chance of taking a workshop with her is NOT to be missed! If one comes your way, GO FOR IT.
Pictures to come!