Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Drafting and Lillian Whipple

One of the reasons I went to such lengths to go out to Texas was Lillian Whipple's workshop. I have Asperger's Syndrome ("disorder" or whatever) and my little "Aspie" brain needs to either get my hands into something or SEE it done and/or have somebody hang over my shoulder for a bit saying "Yes" or "No."
I told Lillian that, rather than weave samples, since I have done most of her published sample-drafts already, I'd like to concentrate on drafting. Since coming back, I have to fight the impulse to just sit around and draft all these lovely motifs I have floating around my head!
I've been scanning charted designs from needlework books and Nancy Spies' "Here Be" series. This saves me the "busy-work" of copying them on to a grid myself. Then I can write in the shafts on the printed copy and draft away!
Taquete, when you get into more than two colours, makes me think of a little loom-controlled tapestry technique.
Lillian is just one of the most gracious and generous of weavers, and the chance of taking a workshop with her is NOT to be missed! If one comes your way, GO FOR IT.
Pictures to come!

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