Friday, June 12, 2009

Art camp weavers

One of the wonderful things about teaching kids, and just "turning them loose" as I like to do, on the prepared looms is the work that comes out of it. They have a "no-holds-barred" approach to their designing. They will grab anything, from regular yarn to a piece of old lace and slam it in there! The results are sometimes astounding. Of course, often, "Miss Nancy" has to perform what I have come to think of as not so much a "finishing" as it is a "rescue operation" but they are just fun little things.
I always come away from a week with the kids having my own ideas of what "works" shaken up in a good way and start thinking in terms of what sort of outrageous stuff I could put into some of my own work!
Pictures here:


Laura said...

Ah - the calm before the creative storm! ;)


Rambling Round said...

I enjoyed my visit to the weaving studio last week. The campers were so creative, and I loved seeing how they put their imaginations into yarn!