Sunday, June 29, 2014


Thank you, little worms.
I LOVE silk. I've been weaving up some bookmarks to sell and to give as gifts and just enjoying the look of the silk woven up. I've been using 20/2's yarn and I like the way the sheen on it catches the light and looks so pearlescent. the finest I've used is 60/2's and, it has its' own pleasures, but the slightly thicker yarn seems to have a nicer response to light. Right now, I am doing some "gifties" since I am using one of Lillian Whipple's drafts. No time to dream up an original, test it etc, since this was kind of a last-minute idea. One thing I'd like to do during "downtime" in London is draft up some more 8-shaft designs since I can pop one of those on and weave while I am watching tv in the house. I have one set up with a double-weave "fiddle-around" warp on it.
Also have to say what a pleasure the "Northwest" Looms are. Tony Klissus builds these to order and even builds the crate for shipping. They are so well made, work so smoothly...they're just a delight to use. I am always amazed that he also sells them for so much less than the "biggies" like Leclerc and Schacht, etc. Definitely a "find."


Notes from Nicki said...

I am impressed you can weave while watching tv. My designs must be too complex since I must focus all the time otherwise I will be ripping out a few minutes later!

Nancy C said...

depends on the tv show LOL. Most of them are just "company" as in background noise. I prefer audiobooks.
For taqueté, it also depends on which loom I'm using. If I am using my table loom, I have to manually keep up with which shot comes next, but, for the robby looms, just keeping an eye on which colour comes next is pretty easy.