Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My little furball of a toy poodle is gone from my life. "Abbyabby"died in his sleep and it will take a long time to stop missing his feisty little self, if I ever stop missing him. He was such a sweet, trusting little guy who had a lousy first half of his life. I am so grateful to God that I was able to make the second half of his little life one filled with kisses, cuddles, good food and care, adventures and friends. I know you aren't supposed to give your dogs table tidbits, but, you know, when they pass, I am happy about every little treat I gave them that made them feel like special, special members of the family....which they are.
Abby, my "Babby" wherever you are...wait for the rest of us and keep watching out for things back here. I will miss you so much!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the 2009 bookmark

Work in progress: this is the "dukagang" treadling. Includes the threading error...now fixed!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I should have sampled!!!

Well, now I need to "rescue" the 3 yards of 60/2 silk warp and put up one of 20/2. The 60/2 was just TOO fine to show the motif up nicely, especially since, in order to get the width I wanted I had to add a lot of "border" that kind of overwhelm the motif, so, back to 20/2 which will still make a lovely little bookmark.
Good thing I like the whole warping process!!!!