Thursday, December 17, 2009

Old friend gets dusted off!

Well, not too much dust, since I keep the looms covered when not in use. I am threading up the Macomber to do some towels. Such a treat to be back to one-on-one with that loom. There is nothing like the feel and sound of Macombers! They're so solid and work so smoothly and reliably. I DO have to say that I am not a fan of the tie-up system, but that's just a quibble, since I can't think of anything that would replace it. Macombers, being built so that you can either do delicate, fine yarns, or wham away at the thickest of rugs if you like, need the extra strength involved in the way the lamms and shafts are engineered, so, whatever my quibbles, the tie-up system is still 'way ahead of whatever would be in second-place.
I remember trying to make a rag rug on my Schacht, which was my first loom and having to "sandbag" the thing to keep it from "levitating" across the floor a couple of inches every time I whammed down the beater!!
If you are looking for a truly great all-purpose loom, you can't do any better, and there are second-hand ones out there at great prices these days. I paid all of $1000 for mine,: 48" with 8 shafts and two room for two more shafts. Not bad at all. The "Baby Macs" are a great deal, even new, and easily packed up to take along to workshops etc. I like to take mine out to the back porch on nice days and weave outside! Also a very solid loom!
Well, guess this is a "mash note" to my Macombers!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


My article for "Weavezine" went live on Tuesday. VERY exciting for me! Thanks, Syne, for being such a great editor and admitting me to "the ensemble" where the company I keep makes me feel quite privileged!