Monday, January 25, 2010

more shuttles!

Doing some in-depth tidying in the weaving shed, including the "unpacked" stuff that I just didn't bother with since I was moving, turned up THREE MORE AVL SHUTTLES! I keep pinching myself. I now own a total of six! SIX!!!! I think that, as I look back, that was the reason I had not completely unpacked the "large lot of weaving supplies" package..."Oh, I'm moving, so I'll just have to pack it all back up."
The other exciting stuff in there, long since "unearthed," since they were not wrapped up, but just tossed in, were a bunch of the mini-shuttles from Glimakra and Toika. These are the ones that take the paper bobbins and are mind-bogglingly useful on table looms.
Sometimes, you just luck out!
Just amazing. What a great start to the year!
And a PS. I bought two more "Easy Weavers" off ebay for the Art Camp programme. They were up for $18 each, and retail new for around $100, so I bought them. They arrived today and are BRAND-NEW, and still in the boxes!
This is a major run of luck, I think! Or blessings!!!!!!!

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