Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weaving in the Mountains

I am doing a weekend workshop on basic tapestry with Joan Griffen, in Charlottesville, VA. SO glad I decided to do this. My tapestry-weaving was a long time ago and I did not learn it systematically, just picked things up on the fly. Add a certain degree of insecurity and I felt like I needed some instruction, so this is perfect. Joan is a terrific teacher and the class consists of four of us: two from Maryland and one from Texas, all fascinating folks, with, happily, weaving backgrounds, so "beginning weaver" instructions could be skipped and we could cut right to setting up the loom and doing basic techniques. Miss Daisy has been behaving like the well-brought-up young lady that she is, even being polite to the cats-in-residence! Joan's studio website.

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