Sunday, January 26, 2014

Structo to the rescue

While working on this learning project, I hauled out my one-of-a-kind, 16-shaft Structo and threaded it up in an 8-shaft threading.  This thing is so versatile, and the ready-wound spools save one the trouble of running out to the weaving shed to make a new warp, not to mention that there are some 20 yards on each spool, so, no worries about running out of warp!  I can mess up all I like.
I seem to have cornered the market on these things, having lucked into a large box-full of them a couple of years ago, all in new condition.  Not too lame.  Part of me says I ought to put them on ebay, and relieve some other Structo junkie of spool-envy, but, the dog-in-the-manger part of me keeps muttering "mine, mine, all MINE!  So, the guilt-trip part of this is that I really feel compelled to put them to good use.
The loom is such a treasure.  I think I want it buried with me.
Nahhh.  Better it should go to somebody who will appreciate it as much as I do.  Perhaps I shall outlast it, but, I doubt it.  These Structo looms seem to be survivors.
Anyway, it's such a pleasure to use.

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