Friday, February 18, 2011

A light shining in the dark

I am grieving, heartsore this morning.  A lovely, wonderful, kind and generous soul passed on last night.  Cliff Foster was "my handyman" for all the time since I moved into town here and had been recommended to me...or I was recommend to HIM, by my dear friend, Christine.  Cliff looked after us, making sure our houses stayed in good repair and checking by now and then to make sure "things are ok."  I can remember coming home to find that a burned-out porch-light had been changed or a note saying that something needed work etc.  We recognized and appreciated each other the way two people who take pride in the work of their hands do.
A few very short weeks ago, he was diagnosed with cancer.   I had been wanting to go see him but my back kept me on a short leash.  So, yesterday, Christine and I went by the house.  It was hard to see our old friend in that frail man on the bed.  I prayed all afternoon to God to either make him well or take him home and this morning I go "the phone call."
Now, here's the mystery.  The light in my carport had been flickering "down" for  several's flourescent and they sort of "fade and flicker" before they go.  I looked out last night and it was burning away like new and the one in the other fixture, on the same circuit, looked as if it had kicked back in.  I can't help but wonder if Cliff came by one last time.  
It's the sort of thing he'd do.
Goodbye, my dear friend, I know that God welcomed you in like He does with all his "good and faithful servants."  You will be so very sorely missed.

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