Saturday, April 2, 2011

More knitting

Well, the weaver is still knitting, since my back is still limiting the amount of time I can spend at my looms. Sock knitting is absolutely swell!  One of the few things you can do with a "recipe" and I use "Sock Wizard" as a reference-point for getting going.  Essentially, you just stick with the arithmetic!  I used three "holding" needles and one "working" needle.  I don't particularly "number" the needles, which I found confusing when I started out with this.
If you figure out your needed stitches, you put half on one needle and divide the other half between the other two needles.  Keep going back to those numbers!  I do a heel-flap with the basic knit, slip one row and purling back until I have the requisite number of rows (matching your stitch numbers) shape my heel, then pick up stitches to match the new rows, to my regular decreases back to the "arithmetic" for the two "1/4" needles and knit to the end decrease...kitchener-stitch the toes, and "VOILA!"
This "recipe" can be found in "The Knitting Harlot's" helpful and entertaining "Knitting Rules."  Get it from and it is also available for your Kindle!

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