Friday, June 3, 2011

"new" Toyota gets 0 mpg!!!

No, no wheels or doors.  Many people don't know that Toyota started out manufacturing weaving and knitting equipment for the industry.  They added home knitting-machines for a few years, and the cars came later!  I am thrilled beyond belief that a KS901 has turned up in Birmingham and I am buying it! It even has all the extra gadgets.  This was my first machine and I loved it.  The KS901 is still one of the best out there.  Aside from that, I'm used to it.  SOOOOO, the Studio, which is, of course, a perfectly fine machine, will go back on ebay.
I made a POT of money with that machine when I lived in NY!  Aside from free-lancing for designers, and teaching, the textile company where I worked decided to go into knitted fabrics.  Since I was the only person in the design dept with a knitting-machine, I got the gig to knit 3-yard samples of all the yarns they wanted to put into work.  That thing paid for itself a couple of times over!  
I am picking it up today and very excited about it!

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