Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Finally getting back to the stoles I am planning to make for the Jonathan Daniels observance.  I have settled on "Blessed are they who hunger after justice, for they shall be filled."  In the drafting stage, this is coming in at a length of 111 inches, but I will know more once I get the silk samples woven.   I am thinking of doing one each in French, English and Spanish.  The only problem is the French, which presents having to do an "x" in this alphabet I am using ("heureux") and it's a b*****. Or, a "vache" since this is French.   And I am "vachement embetée" by this whole thing.  The "x" is so stylized that it inspires a "huh?" moment.  or perhaps a "quoi, donc?"  moment.  or the classic "WTH?" moment.   Hélas.
back to it!!

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