Friday, August 26, 2011

I gotta get organized!

Since I still have to go pop a pill and "sit" for a bit due to THE BACK THING, I decided I might as well get some work done while sitting.  I've been "inventorying" yarns.  Since I want to do some nice towels for Xmas sales when the rugs are finished, I started with my Cotton/linen supply.  Last time "WEBS" had their version on sale, I got quite a bit of it.  I also have some of the Louet "Euroflax" pure linen and a lot of little Lily spools of pure linen I bought off ebay.  Then, of course, a few small cones of the original "Cottolin."
I am making "wraps" along a strip of cardboard, with a note about lot number and amount on hand.
This will help HUGELY my bad habit of ordering duplicates because I don't REALLY know what's out there in the workshop!
Also watching an ebay item: one of the old "tall, skinny" old Structos.  I have two of these and might sell one, so will be curious if this one gets the price being asked.  These are nice for weaver-manipulated bands, as they have only two shafts.  They are also light enough to carry along on travels, so they are practical as well as being "collectables."

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kraking the Krok(bragd)

After much sampling, fiddling with colour pencils etc the first rug is under weigh.  Very odd that the sett of the sample proved wrong for the bigger rug.  Same warp, same fill but the fill not, um, filling.  Finally got that sorted.  This is the "sunrise, sunset" variation.  Next one will be greens and blues but am too tired to figure out a name for it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Gawd, I love sampling!  Strung the little Northwest Loom up and made several experiments with the krokbragd treadlings.  Fun and stimulating to the imagination.  The two photos show one of the reasons I love Tony Klissus' Northwest Looms 'Frieda"  model.  There are three different positions for the beater and the third one makes threading the reed a lot smoother, since it stays sitting up straight.  No chance of ends slipping out or having to move it to see behind.  I position the beater on other looms by tying it into position, but this makes it so much easier.


Monday, August 8, 2011


Cut my towels off the Macomber and put up enough warp for three small Krokbragd rugs.  Threading and beaming tomorrow.