Friday, August 26, 2011

I gotta get organized!

Since I still have to go pop a pill and "sit" for a bit due to THE BACK THING, I decided I might as well get some work done while sitting.  I've been "inventorying" yarns.  Since I want to do some nice towels for Xmas sales when the rugs are finished, I started with my Cotton/linen supply.  Last time "WEBS" had their version on sale, I got quite a bit of it.  I also have some of the Louet "Euroflax" pure linen and a lot of little Lily spools of pure linen I bought off ebay.  Then, of course, a few small cones of the original "Cottolin."
I am making "wraps" along a strip of cardboard, with a note about lot number and amount on hand.
This will help HUGELY my bad habit of ordering duplicates because I don't REALLY know what's out there in the workshop!
Also watching an ebay item: one of the old "tall, skinny" old Structos.  I have two of these and might sell one, so will be curious if this one gets the price being asked.  These are nice for weaver-manipulated bands, as they have only two shafts.  They are also light enough to carry along on travels, so they are practical as well as being "collectables."

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