Monday, November 28, 2011

Sketch pads

Learning to love the sketchpad app on my iPad!  At least, if I get fed up with tatting etc, I can play with that as I fly over the Atlantic.  Also bringing along my little "gridded" notebook I used to plot out taqueté designs prior to working them up as drafts.  Plenty to do!  I shan't get bored, even though they won't let me have my knitting needles. (harrumph)  
I've made up my own "set" of Knitter's Pride Cubics interchangeables by ordering tips and cable separately.   Now, I get to design myself a little storage gadget for them.
Poor pups, tho.  Not being able to come up with projects to pass the time on a grey, cold and rainy day, they've been attempting to chew up everything they can reach.  The cats have begun coming in, which provides a little distraction until "Mom" shows up with the spray bottle and a "cease-and-desist" order.  At least the cats can head for the attic...I have managed to open the attic door just enough for them to get thru, but not doglettes.  #win.

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