Friday, January 28, 2011

reinventing the wheel

FINALLY figured out the S&W pickup and there is an asymmetrical kitty-cat tail on the warp!  Going to do the taqueté example tomorrow.  I checked Nancy Hoskins' book and she doesn't even touch on this trick, so, glad we have Lillian!  Anyway, did some sampling for my key book motif.  I think I will eventually weave that on 16 shafts, tho, in the interest of speed, but, it's nice to know that I can show somebody how it's done if they only have 8.   I love to share what I know and get other people into the joy of turning a bunch of pieces of thread into a beautiful and/or useful piece of fabric!
here it is "reflected"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

shopping for information

Living where I do with a public library that is simply adequate for fiction, cookbooks, et al, and no specialised libraries around, I have to purchase technical books when I need them.  Over the years, my two "first stops" are amazon and ebay, the latter which started out as the place to get good deals, right? Well, ebay is really going down the tubes. I thought I'd check a Photoshop for Textile Design text I wanted on ebay, and found the prices DOUBLE that of  Opportunists trading on the public's perception of ebay as the place for bargains, I guess. Far too many people don't "shop around" the way they should.  
In any case, the book is ordered "used," from amazon,  and on the way.  
I often wonder what graduating design-students, heading for jobs on the Avenue, would think if confronted with our hands-on methods of just 20 years ago!  Sample orders and mill orders both were written out on a form, a swatch of the yarns attached and the drafts then passed around the design dept to be proofed a couple of times.  This is especially important when it comes to ordering a couple-hundred-thousand yards produced.  Even for the samples, an error meant wasting a sample-weaver's day or morning, meaning, the company had paid for that waste.
I guess everything is computerized now, although I would bet some "proofing" still goes on (-;  Nothing is perfect and human error can still wreck something.