Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back in "harnesses"

Pun intended.
Off to spend the day at the opening of the new Alabama River Region Art Centre in Wetumpka!  Packing along three looms.  I like to make them available to people so they can actually weave!  Two little Structo's and one "Frieda."  I am so grateful that friend Anne called and invited me to come along to demonstrate!  I hope this really catches on over there.  We need more efforts like this one around our area.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spud and Chloe sweater yarns as sox!!!

Thanks to my favourite knitting blogger, I got turned on to "Spud and Chloe" sweater yarn and have made two scrumptious pairs of sox!  I was surprised that the bulkier yarn made sox that I can still wear with most of my shoes without needing a larger sized shoe (-;.  This stuff is Merino wool and cotton blend and is cool and cozy at the same time.   Definitely a "find."  Kind of pricey, so I'm loving WEBS' deep discounts!  I got my "Summer Sox" yarns from them at half the MSRP.  Once you buy five of anything, the discounts kick in and it's almost a "free" fifth item.  Anyway, for a yarn addict, it's paradise.
Pics soon of the S and C sox!  Am working on a pair in a dark, yummy green!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have obtained a set of size Zero needles.  I am DYING to try knitting with them!  I have a bunch of stuff to do first, like a couple of Easter gifts and a donation to an auction being run by the Papillon rescue, but, maybe soon!!!

More knitting

Well, the weaver is still knitting, since my back is still limiting the amount of time I can spend at my looms. Sock knitting is absolutely swell!  One of the few things you can do with a "recipe" and I use "Sock Wizard" as a reference-point for getting going.  Essentially, you just stick with the arithmetic!  I used three "holding" needles and one "working" needle.  I don't particularly "number" the needles, which I found confusing when I started out with this.
If you figure out your needed stitches, you put half on one needle and divide the other half between the other two needles.  Keep going back to those numbers!  I do a heel-flap with the basic knit, slip one row and purling back until I have the requisite number of rows (matching your stitch numbers) shape my heel, then pick up stitches to match the new rows, to my regular decreases back to the "arithmetic" for the two "1/4" needles and knit to the end decrease...kitchener-stitch the toes, and "VOILA!"
This "recipe" can be found in "The Knitting Harlot's" helpful and entertaining "Knitting Rules."  Get it from and it is also available for your Kindle!