Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The auction sox

Is Cedric astonished by the wonderful Fall colours (not really showing up well here) or is he wondering how much planning it would take to capture and chew up the needles?
There is not any pink in the sox at all, but could not seem to adjust that out of the photo.  Oh well, just imagine that there is NO PINK.  Yes, I am knitting in bed!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

mixing puppies and knitting

NOT a good idea.  Am working on a pair of sox for the Fall fund-raiser the Papillon Rescue group puts on.   I thought they were out-of-reach, but, suddenly, Teddy whizzes through with......THE SOX.  Since he'd started gnawing on the cuff edge, no question of repair.  Just toss them and start again.    The deep sighs of martyrdom may now be heard.  For puppies, all the world is a chew-toy.  Anyway, am enjoying knitting up these things, in nice autumn-leaves-coloured Kroy yarn.  Hope to make them knee-highs.  If I have time, I might knit up a pair of mittens for the auction as well.  So many people work so hard to save these wonderful little animals, but it takes money!  So many of these little dogs are terribly sick and hurt, esp the "breeding females" who come out of mills, and the vets give as much "break" as they can, but still have to charge for treating them.   
Lillian Whipple, who is a generous and warm lady, donated a bunch of her "butterfly" motif cards and we've been selling a couple of them at each auction.  They brought in some nice change last time!
Will let everyone know when the auction kicks off again.  There are always some nice things there and you help the people who help the helpless!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well, I made the word up...but it applies sometimes.  Located my MIA potholder loom yesterday, quite by accident, so sat down and made myself a new potholder. Well, I needed one.  Rainbow prism design for "De Colores!"  A fun little break to do it and I now have this cheerful little potholder, ready for duty, hanging in my kitchen.  VIVE les  métiers à tisser les plus petits et ses techniques les plus simples!