Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Daisy supervises the goings-on around here and looks after the cats.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Round Tuits

Got the warp for the sample done (the Christening blanket), tied up and wove a few inches.  I don't like the silk for fill, not supple enough.  Happily, I have some "Zephyr," (if you're not familiar with it, it's a wool and silk blend.  Just close enough in size to work with the silk and I seem to have the right colours.   Looks good.  Pics to come.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well, back off the loom bench again, with an "acute compression fracture" in my back...well, gee, I could have told them that without the MRI.
SOOOOOO, knitting a lot.  BIG discovery here: Ann Bud's "The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns."  This is a real treasure that I've had sitting on my bookshelf for ages and only just cracked.  I had lost the pattern of a Lopi sweater I put aside last Spring and was at a loss for the decreasing.  This book has great charts and formulae for figuring out increases, decreases, shapings etc for just about any style of sweater!  It's a great aid for designing your own sweaters, thus freeing you up from having to find the closest thing to what you have in mind and following the printed pattern.  I LOVE anything that offers me a way to "roll my own" altho I will knit up something that has really caught my eye as a pattern.  
Anyway, this book is enabling me to finish off this "ad-lib" sweater.  Happily also, it's just a simple, straightforward, one-colour sweater, knitted in the round.  I plan to put a BIG, warm neckline-treatment on it tho...kind of a turtleneck, but bigger.  I think I have enough left to do a hat to go with.
Just about anything you order from Interweave Press is going to be excellent and worth the money and the space on your studio bookshelf.  
Well, back to the SWEATER and looking forward to the cold weather
Why do I live in a place where I only have three or four months to WEAR this stuff???  I LOVE sweaters.  OK, I HAVE ordered some nifty cotton/nylon stuff from WEBS to make some lighter sweaters.  Really, I have..honest!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Teaching again

Got a request to pitch in with a new "art camp" effort 'way the heck out in the country.  I'm really excited about it!  I am going to try and get at least 20 looms dressed...the "easy weavers" since they're a snap.  I love helping with projects like this.  These are "country kids" who tend to get skipped over by the sort of summer activities the "city kids" take for granted, so, the Pastor at the Baptist church down there is really doing a terrific service for his community.  Got to work my behind off to get those looms dressed and ready.  Also need to figure out which yarns I can rustle up!  Pictures to come!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

colour, colour, colour and another reason for sampling

Great little design of houses with a row of flowers.  Right?  Flowers NOT showing up at all.   Colour is a delicate thing.  Don't know how many of you out there have done any colour-theory, but, it's really interesting how they react to each other.   So, rethinking the flowers.  I need a darker green and something other than yellow for the blossoms.
I got so sick of weaving the "red blossoms" towels, but might have to finish out the warp with that draft if I can't get the colours I like for the "house and garden" design.
Many a slip twixt the draft and the weaving!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

nifty thing meant for something else

I got these to make my own coffee "Kups" for the Keurig and realised that they are perfect for storing pins, leftover paint, dye, ANYTHING that needs an airtight lid or just a nice, secure lid to keep said pins, etc, from spilling out...very good for beads!  You don't have to get the filters, altho, I'm SURE they might turn out to be useful for something other than coffee.  Now, I don't have to keep nagging new mothers of my acquaintance for empty baby-food jars.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Inventory shocks

Well, this was a LONG-overdue project.  Since I am still recovering from the 'flu and bronchitis, it seemed like a low-key thing to do, since I am mostly sitting.  It's a real shocker...I have so much yarn I don't need.  I kind of knew that, but, all this inventory activity makes me realise that I need to have a studio-sale or weave 24/7.   At least,  once this is done, I won't be ordering duplicates.   Only thing is, realising that there are colours of 20/2 silk I DON'T have makes me want to order one of each....YIKE!! Not at the current prices!
Also find that most of my perle cotton is discontinued colours.   Going to do the chenille next...then the rug yarns.  
What makes it so much easier, too, is having the WEBS and Halcyon sample books, esp the WEBS, since that is where I order most of my yarn.  Instead of having to sit there and clip off swatches and tape it into my little book, I just not the quantities on the sample sheets.  HOWEVER, there is still a lot of clipping and taping going on.  
One nice bit of "fallout" is getting everything put away more neatly, thanks in part to buying lots of plastic bins and "space bags."
But I need to get back to weaving as soon as my energy comes back.  Right now it's there in "spurts."

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Butterflies in my tummy

Got the request from "Handwoven" for pic and bio.  Very hard to boil the bio down to 20 words and still hit the important stuff. I definitely wanted to mention "Black Belt Treasures."  Every time I think about seeing my work in PRINT I get "fuzzy" and have to peel myself off the ceiling again.  It's such a privilege to be in that mag!  I respect it so much, so, having my work in there just blows my mind!  May-June issue! Let's see...can I afford to buy 50 copies????  LOL!
Now, I need to get some inventory into the gallery!  

Friday, February 24, 2012

paperwork...the "yuck" factor

Whether this project sees publication or not, I've learned a lot about keeping records.  I tend to be kind of sloppy about this, but, I am beginning to see the value of it all.  I really hate writing...Facebook and blogs notwithstanding, I am just not in love with words and have no compulsion to write things down.  I am not a very methodical thinker, either, so my stuff tends to meander.
Oh well, it's out there, for better or for worse.  I did my best, and that's all anybody can do.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Potholder, revisited

Now, I find myself addicted to making those little potholders.  "Loopy for loops???"  Well, what can I say?  It keeps my fingers happy when I can't think of anything else to do and I never have burned hands in my kitchen..not to mention no lack of hotpads to put pots down on.  Try it, you'd like it!  Best loops available from Harrisville Designs...don't use the nylon ones, which not only CONDUCT heat, but curl up like a dead spider when you take them off the looms.  Nasty.  Get the cotton ones and skip the first post on each side, so you always start and finish one post away from each end.  Easier to crochet them off and you won't miss those extra loops.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Deadline time

Two table looms dressed with two versions of the same taqueté project.  One is 24 epi, the other is 15 since I wanted to kind of make a point that it doesn't have to be either a rug or a tiny piece.  

down (load) and up(grade)

OK: decided to upgrade my copy of "WeaveMaker." Well, OOPS, can't do that unless I am running "Lion" on the Mac...OS I shell out the bucks to download it and spend 2 hours installing. HEY...let's boogie...Microsoft Office NO LONGER WORKS!! woo hooo....quick download of "Open Office" and I hope that takes care of THAT. SOOO, ok, I DL the new "WeaveMaker"...HEY..registration number won't work, I need to purchase a new one...$117 bucks to AVL..several pleas to Bob and still no number has shown up...dead in the water. I am really learning to LOVE "Pixeloom". The only thing I REALLY like about WM is that I can freehand my images in there pretty fast. bummer
On the other hand, while awaiting installations to take place, I cleaned out all the drawers of my desk..found a zillion things, including an extra battery for Miss Liz's Macbook...come and get it, Kid. Also some negatives (remember those?) of some of my best shots. Modern times.