Tuesday, February 14, 2012

down (load) and up(grade)

OK: decided to upgrade my copy of "WeaveMaker." Well, OOPS, can't do that unless I am running "Lion" on the Mac...OS 10.6.something...OK..so I shell out the bucks to download it and spend 2 hours installing. HEY...let's boogie...Microsoft Office NO LONGER WORKS!! woo hooo....quick download of "Open Office" and I hope that takes care of THAT. SOOO, ok, I DL the new "WeaveMaker"...HEY..registration number won't work, I need to purchase a new one...$117 bucks to AVL..several pleas to Bob and still no number has shown up...dead in the water. I am really learning to LOVE "Pixeloom". The only thing I REALLY like about WM is that I can freehand my images in there pretty fast. bummer
On the other hand, while awaiting installations to take place, I cleaned out all the drawers of my desk..found a zillion things, including an extra battery for Miss Liz's Macbook...come and get it, Kid. Also some negatives (remember those?) of some of my best shots. Modern times.

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