Friday, March 30, 2012

Inventory shocks

Well, this was a LONG-overdue project.  Since I am still recovering from the 'flu and bronchitis, it seemed like a low-key thing to do, since I am mostly sitting.  It's a real shocker...I have so much yarn I don't need.  I kind of knew that, but, all this inventory activity makes me realise that I need to have a studio-sale or weave 24/7.   At least,  once this is done, I won't be ordering duplicates.   Only thing is, realising that there are colours of 20/2 silk I DON'T have makes me want to order one of each....YIKE!! Not at the current prices!
Also find that most of my perle cotton is discontinued colours.   Going to do the chenille next...then the rug yarns.  
What makes it so much easier, too, is having the WEBS and Halcyon sample books, esp the WEBS, since that is where I order most of my yarn.  Instead of having to sit there and clip off swatches and tape it into my little book, I just not the quantities on the sample sheets.  HOWEVER, there is still a lot of clipping and taping going on.  
One nice bit of "fallout" is getting everything put away more neatly, thanks in part to buying lots of plastic bins and "space bags."
But I need to get back to weaving as soon as my energy comes back.  Right now it's there in "spurts."

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