Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well, back off the loom bench again, with an "acute compression fracture" in my back...well, gee, I could have told them that without the MRI.
SOOOOOO, knitting a lot.  BIG discovery here: Ann Bud's "The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns."  This is a real treasure that I've had sitting on my bookshelf for ages and only just cracked.  I had lost the pattern of a Lopi sweater I put aside last Spring and was at a loss for the decreasing.  This book has great charts and formulae for figuring out increases, decreases, shapings etc for just about any style of sweater!  It's a great aid for designing your own sweaters, thus freeing you up from having to find the closest thing to what you have in mind and following the printed pattern.  I LOVE anything that offers me a way to "roll my own" altho I will knit up something that has really caught my eye as a pattern.  
Anyway, this book is enabling me to finish off this "ad-lib" sweater.  Happily also, it's just a simple, straightforward, one-colour sweater, knitted in the round.  I plan to put a BIG, warm neckline-treatment on it tho...kind of a turtleneck, but bigger.  I think I have enough left to do a hat to go with.
Just about anything you order from Interweave Press is going to be excellent and worth the money and the space on your studio bookshelf.  
Well, back to the SWEATER and looking forward to the cold weather
Why do I live in a place where I only have three or four months to WEAR this stuff???  I LOVE sweaters.  OK, I HAVE ordered some nifty cotton/nylon stuff from WEBS to make some lighter sweaters.  Really, I have..honest!!!

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