Friday, May 10, 2013

Slowing down and looking deeply

I've decided to go after the Handweaver's Guild of America's "Certificate of Excellence."    It sounds like a fun idea, but, as I thought about it,  I kind of look forward to the chance it will offer to slow down and look deeply at what I do, think about it, and stretch out a little bit, creatively.  I've been stuck in a rut, I think, and with all this "ammo" I have around here in terms of tools, I really have no business doing that.  SOOO, having a good look at the bibliography in the materials they sent and checking out what I already have, which is just about everything.
"Interweave Press" have been issuing all the back issues of "Handwoven" as collections and individual digital issues.  So far they are 'back" to 1996 and "up" to 2010.  It's very convenient,as one thing I like to do is to be able to cut out and keep articles by technique. This meant cutting up my mags and didn't want to do that, but, with the digital items, I can print out whatever I want and keep it, either as pdf's or hard copies.

Pursuant to pursuing the pursuit of the COE...I want my studio back to looking like the banner picture on my "Selma Handwovens" FB page.  Gotta de-clutter.

Tomorrow looks to be a rainy day, making it a perfect day to be stuck-in out there and getting things done.

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