Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Delineator

Several years ago, I shared digs in Brooklyn with a budding costume/hair designer.  She introduced me to "The Delineator" magazine, which was published by Butterick Patterns from the late 19th century  thru the thirties.  A Googlebooks version

even has an article about Ebenezer Butterick himself.

But what caught my eye after downloading and saving this, was that my grandmother Lea, who was a fabulously-gifted needlewoman, and known for her exquisite crochet, probably read this same issue!  She would have had a subscription, I'm sure.  It's given me kind of a kick in the butt to try one of the lace patterns in the issue there.

It should only take me about a year.....if I get lucky and really stick to it.  LOL

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