Tuesday, July 16, 2013

COE on "hold"

Well, so much for a quick start.  I have a deadline-type project, so need to spend the next six weeks doing nothing but that.  It'll be worth it, tho.  Also scratching a long itch and getting the studio knocked into shape.  I keep looking at the picture I used for the "banner" on my "Selma Handwovens" FB page and sighing, remembering how neat and uncluttered it USED to be.  SOOO, thanks to Miss Liz, in her "studio elf incarnation," things are getting sorted out, thrown out, found, moved and generally tightened-up!

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Just thought I'd do a look back, since I don't think I mentioned the "Handwoven" article before.  AND we all need to toot our own horns sometimes.
I've been published three times so far...Birmingham's "Portico" magazine in a piece called "Lost Arts"  (SERIOUSLY????)

and Syne Mitchell's brilliant online mag:


And most recently, the May-June 2011 "Handwoven" magazine...more taqueté work.  I'm working on a submission for some upcoming 'Handwovens"  It's kind of a challenge to work on something for 'only" eight shafts.  They haven't had a "theme" that grabbed me, but some upcoming issues look good.  If you publish with them once, they send you the projected themes for the upcoming year or so.