Sunday, July 7, 2013


Just thought I'd do a look back, since I don't think I mentioned the "Handwoven" article before.  AND we all need to toot our own horns sometimes.
I've been published three times so far...Birmingham's "Portico" magazine in a piece called "Lost Arts"  (SERIOUSLY????)

and Syne Mitchell's brilliant online mag:

And most recently, the May-June 2011 "Handwoven" magazine...more taqueté work.  I'm working on a submission for some upcoming 'Handwovens"  It's kind of a challenge to work on something for 'only" eight shafts.  They haven't had a "theme" that grabbed me, but some upcoming issues look good.  If you publish with them once, they send you the projected themes for the upcoming year or so.

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Nancy C said...

all this reminds me to get my Xmas list worked out so I know what to make for whom. Everybody else gets jam! LOL