Wednesday, August 28, 2013

sometimes, you gotta back off...

Well, I have decided that this silk project is NOT going to be submitted.  It is just not coming out to my satisfaction and to GET IT THERE, will take more time than I actually have.  Bummer, since I love silk, but, perhaps choosing something less labour-intensive would have been wiser.
THAT SAID: there are bright sides...once finished, I will not only have a gorgeous new piece of clothing to wear...with some "bragging rights" imbedded in it, but, I can get back to my COE project.
I do plan to finish off the blouse/jacket before the weekend.
Sadly, the weather is going back to yucky-hot, so probably won't be wearing it OR my cotton sweater, which is just a few steps away from finishing, any time real soon.
I had originally planned on using the "shirt warp" for a baby blanket and had gotten the warp for that partially beamed, so I had to add warp on either side of that.  I added less yardage for the shirt, leaving me with the "middle portion" giving me about 3 or 4 yds...just wide enough for a nice scarf or two, so, am weaving up scarves with the leftovers.
So, all is NOT lost.
I'm looking at future-issue themes with an eye to coming up with something for those.
It bites to realise I won't be seeing my name in print for that one...LOL, but, better to know when you need to back off and re-think/re-do, than barrel ahead and do a so-so job.
En route, tho, I did learn a vast amount about sewing handwovens that I had forgotten.  Mostly, I think that Daryl Lancaster's excellent comment about weaving things with a somewhat denser sett for sewing is a good one.  Next time I do this, I will sett the warp more closely.  I DO want to churn out some yardage on 60/2 silk, which was my original conception on this, so, next time!!!!

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Gene Black said... make me realize that I have so much to learn about weaving. Is there a good source of information about sewing hand wovens?