Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Felting it

Well, time out for holiday gift-making and cooking!  I did a wonderful needle-felting workshop at Yarnhouse Studio in Opelika last month and just fell in love with it!  I like things I can do as "downtime" projects. As much as I enjoy some TV programmes, just sitting and watching leaves me rather "fidgety" so, having some knitting or something else portable is a real "save."  
Here is a "mousie" I made in the class...so tickled with it..and an "angry bird"...which, sadly, got captured and eviscerated by Teddy Dawg...need to fix him..the bird, not Teddy.  Note Cedric, who is "photobombing" the second pic.


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Gene Black said...

I like to weave on my rigid heddle loom when I am "watching" tv (which for me is typically on the computer)