Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A new deadline

Not too many details at present, but, invited to submit for a future issue of "a magazine"....trick is coming up with something original to do with stripes and tea towels.  What the heck has NOT been done with those ideas?  Oh well.  I've come up with some I like...then, went to try and print out the tiffs of the drafts I came up with so I can look over them all in one spot..took three hours to get the damned thing to print anything CLOSE to the actual colours....blue kept coming out ORANGE.
Well, onward...at least the yarns arrived.
If you do anything involving selling your stuff (or publishing it) you really do need to get sample books from your regular suppliers.  I get the WEBS book every two or three years.  In between brand new books, you can always order updated colour-cards from them with swatches of any new additions to their line.  The colours on the websites are close, but not all that accurate, and, when colour is the important part of the project, well, you need to see the actual stuff.
I also made myself my own little "inventory" book of what I have on-hand, which SORT OF helps.
All this did was show me that, even with almost every known example of yarn carried by WEBS, I, of course, DID NOT HAVE THE COLOURS I NEED FOR THIS ONE.  Even with the madness of the season, they shipped the three cones to me PRONTO.
I thought about using the natural cotton offered by Fox Fibres, but, this involves using yarns that are easily-sourced by any weaver, anywhere, and, for one of the colours, I would have had to commission dyeing, so, approximating the colours with readily-available yarns seems the way to go.
Oh well..I am going to make not only the samples for the submission, but a "set" that I can sell later.
Have to write a little historical background on the "tradition" I'm working in.
Intriguing, non?  Well, all will be revealed in the New Year..well, Spring...
For some reason, the "Keep" part got cropped out here. hmmmmmmm

Had a lovely surprise when I opened up, for the first time, the "duplicate copy" I have of "Keep Me Warm One Night."  I had had two of them and gave one to Lucinda Grisham after she took the time to adjust my big AVL!  It was so kind of her and a HUGE favour and I wanted to make her as happy as I got after she fixed all the settings and explained a few things for me.  Anyway, I had not looked at this one and, in the back, was a manila envelope containing a swatch from one of the "Cross-Country Weavers" swatch-exchange projects...using, of course "KMWON".  It is an "M's and O's" pattern (page 132 if you have the book) and is 40/2 linen sett at 64 ends per inch.  So delicate and exquisite.  I might frame the thing.
I have about four collections of "CCW" swatches and those folks did the most mind-boggling weaving!  VERY fine setts and virtuoso execution.  It's so inspiring.  I love having the swatches..it's like having a conversation with the weaver.
If you ever get a chance to get a copy of "KMWON" GRAB IT...no matter the price...mortgage your house, your car, tell your kids they are on their own for college tuition and GET IT.  It's a treasure.  Amazon has some running from around $70 to $158.  I see it listed on several other sites.
End of rants du jour.


Gene Black said...

I am still plodding along on my rigid heddle loom and loving it. I have made and sold scarves - and people seem to love them.
Thanks for the encouragement.

Nancy C said...

That's good to hear. Rigid heddle work is 'way under-appreciated. I have a nice shawl still warped up on one of the wider "Easy Weavers" that I bash away at periodically.
Nice change from the "high technology" stuff I have around here...believe it or not, I still prefer my old Singer Featherweight to the fancy one I bought three years ago and am trying to SELL at this point!!
Simpler is sometimes better.