Thursday, January 30, 2014

In and out of the studio


Pix related to my work, including a shot of the Weavers' Cottages in Canterbury, England. Once the homes and workplaces of Huguenot weavers, now a pub. Shots of the Jacquard class at AVL, and, of course, my own workshop,

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Structo to the rescue

While working on this learning project, I hauled out my one-of-a-kind, 16-shaft Structo and threaded it up in an 8-shaft threading.  This thing is so versatile, and the ready-wound spools save one the trouble of running out to the weaving shed to make a new warp, not to mention that there are some 20 yards on each spool, so, no worries about running out of warp!  I can mess up all I like.
I seem to have cornered the market on these things, having lucked into a large box-full of them a couple of years ago, all in new condition.  Not too lame.  Part of me says I ought to put them on ebay, and relieve some other Structo junkie of spool-envy, but, the dog-in-the-manger part of me keeps muttering "mine, mine, all MINE!  So, the guilt-trip part of this is that I really feel compelled to put them to good use.
The loom is such a treasure.  I think I want it buried with me.
Nahhh.  Better it should go to somebody who will appreciate it as much as I do.  Perhaps I shall outlast it, but, I doubt it.  These Structo looms seem to be survivors.
Anyway, it's such a pleasure to use.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

letters done for stoles

crawling into bed at 2:25 am! I haven't propped my eyelids up and tanked up on coffee to finish a project in ages. Making drafts of the alphabet I am using for the martyr stoles. This way, I can just copy and paste the individual letters into the drafts. I've done the "blessed are the peacemakers" draft. More to come.  Long, tedious project, but will be worth it.  I can get the stole drafts done faster and concentrate on designing.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Subscriptions and memberships!

Well, scratched a long-standing "itch" and took out Costume Society memberships for both US and UK, as well as subscribed to the "Textiles" journal from Maney Publishing.  Great can DL articles of interes.  The American "Costume" I had to accept print versions, but, hey, I get a scholarly-looking mag to leave lying around the house  LOL
Looking forward to expanding my horizons!
They also offer a Conservation journal.
HMMMM, best that I don't load myself up with too much reading...
But, fun...assuming somebody else shares my definitions of "fun."