Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back in the studio!

Well, it's still not ready for some magazine doing a layout on people's workspaces, but, it's beginning to look a lot less like a bomb-site.
Took a VERY deep breath and turned on the "Little Weaver" and heard the welcome clicking sounds.  Next is to put the shafts back in and connect up to the laptop, to make absolutely certain it's still working.
Turned on the heater, loaded in some wash in the "laundry corner," put some cookies in the little toaster-oven, made some coffee, mopped the floor and even got some weaving done on the Macomber warp.  Home, sweet home!
I need to get all the trash piling up outside the studio out for the trash pick-up and things will REALLY be back on-track.
I also need to start getting a "care package" ready for somebody who can use some of my surplus cotton for a new effort she's developing.  So glad somebody can use them!  I am seriously thinking "de-clutter" these days!!!!
Thanks to so many folks for their expressions of concern and sympathy over what shall henceforth be known as "The Great Flood of 2014.

Monday, March 17, 2014

the taquete variation

I decided to change the peg plan to "true taquete" and like this better. The Dukagang interpretation is nice, too, so, what the heck.
Fun to play with the variations!
click to enlarge.

Monday, March 3, 2014

some of the Xmas scarves from last year

some of these are still "hanging around"

Angels among us

Working on drafts for taqueté angels. I used to use Lillian Whipple's lovely cards of a little woven angel, framed, as special gifts to mark a milestone or help somebody thru a rough time, but, it seems I got the last five. Decided it was time to "roll my own" I'm really happy with the first design, a blue-robed angel holding a candle, for 16 shafts. Working on a 24-shaft design with some colour-mixing.
Picture to come.  I had worked on the first "export fabric" in "Preview" and find that it saves changes whether you want it to or not, so, the angel has a "cartoon bubble" sitting there that I "added" just to see what that tool does.  SO, have to go back to scratch. 
And..a few mouse-clicks later, here is her tiny self.  Might do some bookmarks.  This is the 16-shaft version. 
It will be fun to do the sampling for this on the 16-shaft Structo!  It's the time I get to use some of those many spools I own of the cotton!  I have about 60 of the things..(no, they're not for sale.  I sold a few a while back because I felt kind of like the "dog in the manger," but, that's it for now!  If you're desperate, we can talk.)
I am been doing my taqueté drafting in Weavemaker, which I find terrific for free-hand designing as you can get a real-time version as "fabric view," that is more true to the appearance of the finished fabric than the other programmes (I have them all...except the really pricey "Arahweave") The cool thing about the WM "view" is that you can export the fabric as a tiff. I open it in PS (or "PS Elements," which is all you really need for this). First, change the mode to RGB, then use the "blur" filtre two or three times and you get a richer colour. You can also use the other editing tools for the colours, but I find the "blur" does it for me. The advantage of this is that you see the image as a graphic-design and immediately see what's wrong or right about it and you can go back into the draft and change it. I keep a folder called "scratch" to save these so I can see how the changes are happening.