Monday, January 19, 2015

Not dead yet!!!!

Just stopping by to apologize to ANYBODY who might be following my blog....due to all these boring surgeries, etc, haven't been doing much of anything but knitting.  That said: Last time I was stuck in recovering from the nasties, I learned how to turn a heel, and knit mittens, so this round is seeing me learning to knit lace!  This is really absorbing.  I've done a couple of cowls as gifts and want to move on to a long-term project of a shawl.  Gotta get my counting down pat, first!
Also thinking up new taqueté designs.  Once I get the Little Weaver back together, going to put a warp on it and "run them up the flagpole."
That's about it, except to say how much in love I am with the NORO line of yarns!  They're kind of addictive!  Pricey, but, I keep an eye on sales and ebay!
The other event is going to be tackling my poor little garden with a weed torch!  (hose kept handy, of course) Those weeds are GOING DOWN.  Aside from a few veggies, I am going to start planting some dye plants.  After all these years of reading Deb Luce McClintock's adventures in dyeing...I am keen to try it.  She's here..worth checking out
Also looking for a printmaking buddy if anybody nearby wants to get into some screen-printing!
And, also, been more faithful about keeping up with the studio's FB page here

Wishing anybody out there a great New Year!  (after 2014, I decided to skip the black-eyed peas this year and things are already looking up LOL...maybe the peas recognize that I am only HALF Southern..(but, as they say, that part is "by the Grace of God!")  Doing a lot of last year while "laid out" and have realized that, in both the War of Independence and The Civil War, I would've had half my ancestors shooting up the other half.  Interesting. (Dad's family is a mix of Brits and New Englanders, with the occasional Canadian getting under the covers.)

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