Thursday, January 29, 2015

The art of getting ripped....

Well, not drinking your way there.  I am learning to knit lace.  OK..picked out a fairly simple pattern, some GORGEOUS Noro yarn (on sale, mes amis, ON SALE!).  TWO big discoveries: this weight yarn really goes a LONG way and I think I have more than I actually need.  I might get 2 jumpers out of this deal and, well, lace knitting (at least when you're new at it) is kind of tricky.  I keep ending up with four perfect lace sections and a couple that are a MESS!
SOOOO, learning to rip out like a master...on my fourth "rip"
Here's the deal: both me grandmothers were REALLY good at knitting, crochet etc.  I have their pictures on my mantlepiece and so they are staring me down during this whole process.  I feel like if I let it go and don't FIX it, they would NOT be happy with me.
OK, Grandmas, I'm on it!!!!!!!
Wonder if finishing it will make me skinny and having long, curly, blonde locks?  (Hey, I can dream!)

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