Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Well, surprises abound!

I mentioned in a previous post that I shared my Brooklyn flat with a budding costume/hair tech,  Peggy Schierholz.  After five years of sharing that huge, rent-stabilized old flat, we both moved on and lost touch.
Well, I'll be darned if I didn't run across a piece about "The Americans" and found out that the genius behind all the wigs they use on the show is none other than my old flatmate!  Well, I knew she had talent!  Also glad she's found a steady job...LOL.  Seriously, not to "name-drop" or anything, I'm just pleased as punch that she has done so well!  
Just some background on me and the the-ay-ter:  I started life thinking that the only thing I could do well was sing and dance and act and concentrated lots of time, money (well, more like poverty) on studying for all that and LOVING "theatre." (I was this little local "star" back in Fort Lauderdale during HS.  If my picture wasn't in the paper at least once a month, I got nervous. LOL)  Then I got to NYC and started in with "show business" and realized that a) I really wasn't cut out for THAT and b) I hated the whole milieu.
Glad I found this out fast enough that I was still sufficiently YOUNG to "change horses in midstream," and the Fashion Institute was there for me, with majors in textiles.   Still, I met some very neat folks, most of whom I have had to "leave behind" since we no longer travel in the same circles, and Peg is one of them.  Well, so it goes, but, as said, VERY pleased for her.
BTW, as to being apt for "show business:"  I recommend to the up-and-coming generation that you find this out FIRST before you spend all your time and money on various lessons.
A HS friend's dad was a portrait artist.  They had plenty of room, so we used his studio for rehearsals.  He had worked for the Hollywood studios in his youth (he was a lot older than most of our parents) so we once asked him about performing vs visual arts.  I have since adopted what he said as a sort of mantra: "Well, kids, acting is all very well, but, when it's over, it's over, and you have nothing to get you food and a roof, but, if you paint, you can always trade a picture for a hot-dog."
Or a picture of a hot dog.

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