Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More comic relief

Nicked this off a Facebook posting.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

some comic relief

Miss Daisy Dawg is accustomed to getting most anything she wants, but, if it has onions in it...well:

Getting Warped again and a rant

Gotta set up two warps this week: one on the tapestry loom and then one for the taqueté angels.
THAT and Xmas list gifties...notice: you're all getting knitted goodies and/or homemade jams or cordials this year.  Aside from my budget getting tighter, I am "resigning' from the "shopping op" aspect of it all.  Besides, handmade says you're loved.
Yeah, been off the blog for a bit, mostly just getting domestic stuff done.  With Fall fruits and vegs abundant and at good prices, I've been freezing and drying like a madwoman.  
In the meantime, back to the rants about self-sufficiency!  I can be very self-righteous about this, since I have learned to make my own SPAM!  (well, some of us LIKE the stuff)  Pretty easy, too, but, you will need a meat grinder.  I've been collecting recipes for "make it, don't buy it" items.  Which, of course, brings me back to the rant.  
If you can cook, sew and knit, (or crochet) you will save yourself enourmous amounts of cash as well as have healthier food, better clothes etc. Seriously, on the 'better clothes." I am still wearing some things I made 3 decades ago.  I try to stick to classic patterns that never really to out of style.  The great Edith Head once said that, you cannot be really stylish unless you either have your own dressmaker or sew for yourself. NOTE: she did not say "in fashion" she said "stylish" and therein lies a HUGE gap.  If you have "style" you can wear just about anything from any era and get away with it. 
 Of course, there is the added bonus of: "What a lovely blouse!"  "Thank you, I made it myself."  In my case, I get to add "and I wove the fabric for it."
Anyway, just my bit of earth-motherly advise, totally unsolicited, of course.
Well, that's about it for the moment.
Stay tuned for some more actual FIBRE topics!